Change Request Process

The following is the basic procedure for requesting a change to myUNM. 

  1. Download and fill out the Change Request Form.
  2. Send the completed form to to get it put on the agenda for the next PGC meeting.
  3. You can also optionally start a discussion with the tab steward about the change you want to make. This is not required but could potentially save time and/or effort.

Examples of changes that should follow this process include: requesting a new channel or tab or change to an existing tab. Channel owners who currently change the content of their own channel do not need to follow this procedure.

Questions about this procedure can be sent to

How Changes Get Approved

Requests for changes to myUNM can be brought forward by anyone but must be approved by the Portal Governance Committee. The following chart shows the approvals that must be obtained for certain types of changes.

Approvals Required
Object StewardPortal Governance CommitteeERP-LeadershipERP-Steering Committee
Add Channel Final approval Inform    
Remove Channel Final approval Inform    
Change Channel Final approval Inform    
Add Tab Approve Final approval Inform  
Remove Tab Approve Final approval Inform  
Change Tab Approve Final approval Inform  
Steward Change Approve Inform Inform  
Portal-wide Changes   Approve Final approval Inform

What Changes Have Been Approved?

Approved change requests are available to members of the PGC. All documentation is uploaded to the PGC Sharepoint site.