Portal Governance Committee Charter


The purpose of the Portal Governance Committee is to provide a single point of contact to the University community for all issues concerning the portal, and to create, maintain, and enforce all policies, procedures, standards, and practices relating to the content, functionality, and usage of the portal.

Authority and Responsibilities

The Portal Governance Committee will be responsible for governing

  • Portal content standards
  • Portal look-and-feel
  • Portal service hours
  • Portal user support levels
  • Portal upgrades
  • Portal access and privileges
  • And all other aspects of the portal

Summary of Approach

The Portal Governance Committee shall be composed of all tab stewards and representatives of the technical groups that support portal functionality.  Functional and technical stewards shall be defined for every channel and tab on the portal, and a change request form and process shall be created for adding/removing/changing portal objects.

Relation to Other Governance Bodies

The Portal Governance Committee shall be considered a special sub-committee of the ERP Leadership Team and will be bound by that group’s decisions.

Initial Membership

Tab stewards:

  • Login page
  • Home tab
  • Campus Life tab
  • UNM E-mail tab
  • Library tab
  • Student Life tab
  • My Courses tabs
  • Faculty Life tab
  • Employee Life tabs
  • Retiree Life tabs
  • HSC tab
  • Finance tab

Technical support groups:

  • IT Web Applications Team
  • IT Collaborative Applications Team
  • IT Shared Components Team
  • IT Distributed Systems Team
  • IT Customer Support Services
  • Office of Information Assurance (as needed)
  • Banner Authorizations Team (as needed)
  • UCAM (as needed)


To be determined by the Committee.  Initially set to once per quarter, with approvals and other business occurring via email.



  • Define and maintain functional and technical stewards for every channel and tab on the portal.  Define, document, and administer responsibilities of stewards.

Change request process:

  • Create a change request form for adding/removing/changing portal content that requires the approval of the stewards of each object affected.
  • Define approval grid
  • Define who will execute the changes once approved

Roles and Responsibilities


Functional steward office: Office responsible for approving changes to the tab or channel

Technical steward office:  Office responsible for making technical changes and for providing technical support for the tab or channel.  Changes to default tab layouts will always be made by the tab Technical Steward office.

Content editor office:  Office responsible for editing channel content


Steward contact: Person in steward office responsible for representing that office in meetings and for performing or coordinating changes.

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